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Web Cool Tips

Free Software App for Taking Notes and Managing To Do lists

Posted: 27 Apr 2013 07:34 AM PDT

If you're a busy person, you will be jam-packed with so many tasks that you would like to remind yourself in order to do them later on. Large amount of reminder tasks will typically messing you up.

Always forget about something important when you have a lot of sticky notes placed around your working place? Well, this time you will need no more boring note lists to stick them everywhere. Introducing a useful app called abcNotes which can gives you the capability to make the REAL notes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iPhone version abcNotes

Without need to keep so many notes, you could just put everything that you'll need to remember into one single abcNotes and view your notes in whatever ways you want. Scale, drag, and rotate your abcNotes to any angle you wish them to be displayed! It features 15 virtual desktops too.

abcNotes was designed in a user friendly way to be your best assistant in taking notes and specially to help you in managing To Do lists anytime. The software is stylish and highly customizable. With the advantage of unique iOS touchscreen devices making it looks realistic & feel of real paper sticky notes.

iPad version abcNotes

This attractive app also comes with beautiful appearance with over 88 backgrounds to choose from, 45 note skins, 115 icons & 27 badge designs, and more designs in future. What’s more, it has the easy tools of edit, duplicate, move between desktops, with any iPad orientations supported.

Users will be able to share their notes universally through iCloud Synchronization (requires iOS 5), Email notes and any desktops or by using Charm bar. For Windows 8 Modern UI, it also makes use of the touch screen tablet computers advantages, replacing the traditional PC mouse and keyboard.

ToDo Sticky Note Application for Windows

To access the notes across multiple mobile devices, the app allows one to copy note image to any applications, thus synchronize notes between iOS devices. Users could even save notes as image and place them to lock or home screen. Please feel free to share with us any more great sticky notes that you have found.

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